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The City of Fort Thomas, recognizing the need for updates to both the City-Wide Parks & Recreation Plan and the Comprehensive Plan, has created an opportunity for the local community to work together with the City Council and City Staff in an effort to create a multi-chapter coordinated Community Plan.  All members of the local community are invited to participate in committees that will review existing conditions, discuss issues to be addressed, define goals and policies, determine strategies and steps to achieve the goals, and formulate a plan that reflects the goals and aspirations of the community.  The Community Plan will be divided into 6 Chapters, each of which has been assigned a committee.  The Land Use & Zoning Plan Committee will focus on the types of development and redevelopment that are acceptable for Fort Thomas, the preservation of trees and hillside areas, and current and future economic development.  The Transportation & Connectivity Plan Committee will focus on the condition and safety of existing streets, pedestrian walkways, and bicycle facilities, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky bus route plans, future Kentucky Transportation Cabinet corridor plans, and additional connectivity needs for parks, schools, and the river.  The Parks & Open Space Plan Committee will focus on reviewing the current Parks and Recreation Master Plan, evaluating existing parks, seeking community input for improvements, researching trends and best practices, and exploring opportunities to improve connectivity between community assets.  The Utilities & City Owned Facilities Committee will focus on promoting all essential utility services economically, evaluating the development of future telecommunication facilities, providing technology that parallels the needs of the community, and determining if existing City owned buildings meet the needs of the City.  The Regional Partnerships & Collaboration Committee will focus on inter-local agreements for development, Northern Kentucky bike trail with other educational/recreational amenities, archaeological sites, and sustainability initiatives.  The Funding & Implementation Committee will focus on summarizing current City revenue and spending, identifying potential funding sources and funding partnerships, and coordinating with other committees to populate the funding matrix.



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Fort Thomas Community Plan

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